About Me

Born and raise in the Philippines, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and went to America to pursue my career and dreams.

I found my passion ever since I was a kid, I would imagine and envision different sizes, shapes and colors in my head, turning each thoughts with just 2 simple items: A pen and a paper, creating a creative flow of artistry. Imagination is such a beautiful thing, a powerful tool that allows us to explore what could be and create something unique or new. When I begun realizing this, as I grow older, I realize I wanted to pursue ARTS. After 4 years of dedication and hard work, I graduated with a bachelor’s degree of Multimedia Arts. I started as a Marketing officer as my first official job, I learned and found a new burning desire, creating a plan, executing, and then delivering that plan into action. I love how my creations draw people in. The feeling of accomplishment I get when I develop something that speaks to and resonates with others.

After years of experience, I have build various expertise, some are: branding, marketing, art directing, UI/UX, creating digital and tangible assets; I thought to myself “Maybe I should go for an adventure and try something new – maybe a completely different country that I’ve never worked before. I want to test my limits and see what I’m capable of. I could explore the culture and lifestyle of people different from me, push myself out of my comfort zone” And here I am, pursuing my career in United States. The fear in me was unimaginable, going into a foreign place, away from my family and friends, away from a place where I feel safe. Having to start from scratch, I thought to myself that I wouldn’t be able to survive, due to language barriers or even different cultures. I push my fear aside, and shove myself out there, and I am so glad I did it. I was able to learn and grow as a person.

Design Skills
Adobe Photoshop 90%
Adobe Illustrator 90%
Adobe InDesign 90%
Art Direction 90%
Conceptualization 95%
Project Management Skills
Adobe Workfront 80%
Facebook and Google ads 80%
Research 100%
Microsoft Suite 80%
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