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Experience Skill

Having 7 years of intricate experience, I had gained knowledge and gained skills of the following:

Creative Design 98%
Art Direction 90%
Branding 85%
Marketing 89%
Adobe Software (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign) 95%
Project Managment 80%
Microsoft Software (Excel, Powerpoint, Word) 80%
UI/UX, Website Design 80%
Language skill

I am fluent and can translate the following languages:


What I can offer

"With great creativity, comes great responsibility."


Creative Design

Having experienced the intricate processes of both marketing and design, I would bring a unique level of understanding to Branding. My knowledge in this matter is immense due to the wide range of projects I have worked on during my career: From brainstorming different potential advertisement campaigns and ways to generate revenue to designing assets that are eye-catching to the consumers. This wide range of knowledge also comes with a wide range of skills and a love for advertising.



I love to research latest trends, making sure the marketing plan is still in the game. Make your mark with the perfect marketing plan today. With experience creating and executing assets like print, digital ads, and paid media campaigns – such as Point of Sale materials, Circular or Local Assets, Facebook or Google Ads, and Out-of-Home Advertising – I can help your business reach its goals faster than ever before. Don't wait any longer - contact me today for a custom tailored plan that suits you perfectly!



My innovative designs make sure your individuality is always on display, creating an impression that will last. My passion for branding is to create a lasting visual impact that resonates with an audience. I strive to create eye-catching logos that not only look great, but also make sense with the brand values and mission of the company. The memorable designs I create take into account colors, shapes, and typography.

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